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Invest In Alliance Auto Group


Alliance Auto Group has been on an exciting mission over the last 10 years. The company is raising funds to expand its incredibly successful Auto Club Membership Model. The company has tested and perfected an entirely new and proprietary business model in the automotive industry.
Alliance Auto Group has 3 membership models that it intends to expand. We want to expand our current office locations by opening 10 new highly visible retail “Dealer Style” storefront locations. The company will continue to market its proprietary Auto Membership Program, alongside our new Urbanshare & LuxuryShare experiences to the general public through a combination of mixed media. This marketing effort includes print, radio, local cable TV, Direct mail and internet.
The retail automotive industry is immense and nowhere is it larger than southern California. The company’s value proposition is the flexible access to vehicles it offers through its exclusive Membership Program. Our program allows anyone, regardless of credit history, to drive the car they want as long as they are a member. The company has and will continue to utilize low risk marketing strategies to rapidly gain market share and expects its sales growth to continue to be exponential for the foreseeable future.

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