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Business Background


Alliance Auto Group, herein after referred to as “The Company” is a closely held Nevada Corporation. The Company was formed to take advantage of the immense demand for flexible automotive financing, currently not addressed by traditional purchase, incentive or lease alternatives available to the general public.

The Company’s Auto Club Membership program represents both an evolutionary and revolutionary concept in the history and development of an automotive experience. The Company’s target market is immense, fulfilling the needs of upwards 70% of the United States auto buying public that have either over-extended, limited derogatory credit. The Company has created and and perfected what it refers to as, an Auto Club Membership program. The Auto Club Membership program is structured to give the consumer exactly what “They Want”. In short, the Auto Club Membership program enables the member to drive any car in the fleet as long as they pay their monthly membership dues, regardless of credit history.

The traditional consumers first choice is more often not a luxury automobile. The Company’s Auto Membership program is structured to enable our members, for the first time in history, to have access to drive whatever they want, while maintaining strict financial and legal protections for the company, its investors and lenders. These financial and legal protections are “not” predicted upon traditional credit criteria and this is largely what makes this business so unique and profitable.

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